Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Day Three Quick Painting

I finished my final quick painting.  It took roughly 2 3/4 hours from gesso to finished.  Like the first one that focused on my oldest, and the second that focused on my youngest, this one focused on Mark and I.  But I chose the reverse how I did it.  For my boys, I took a combination of pictures of the animals and flowers I associate with them and placed them beneath my boy's painted image.  For Mark and mine, I took three photographs from our wedding (yes, I cut up almost 12 year old wedding pictures (after scanning them into the computer (; )) then painted the animals and flowers we associate with ourselves.

Like the two previous paintings, it began with finding hardware, then creating a painting it could go in.

Where my boys' paintings were made to use the lockets, I wanted this metal piece center top of ours.

We associate the Raven and blue roses with my husband.

And the wolf and calla lilies with me.

A detail on the calla liles shows the pencil lines that were allowed to remain.

And this is the overall, finished piece.

I then set all three paintings up on the chalk board to see them together, the way I imagined them (and because it's very unlikely they'll actually be displayed together).

I love how I managed to phase from red through the center image into blue on the other side.  I'd like to tell you it was on purpose, but I'd be misspeaking.  Just a happy accident.  Just like the yellow of the calla lilies making the daffodil in my son's cheek pop-- another happy accident.

Over all, extremely pleased with the way these turned out (: