Thursday, January 12, 2012

Cast Not Your Purls

Today was my second first day of school.  I was already not really looking forward to it, because my English teacher had sent an email that said she wouldn't be there, but we should all show up to pick up the syllabus and assignment.  After getting the email, I sent one back asking if she could just email them (which seemed perfectly logical to me) but she never responded.

I live 45 minutes away from campus.  My English class is at 10.  Gas is $3.29 a gallon.  And my second class for the day doesn't start until 2:30.

Sigh.  So I went in.  Picked up the assignment.  And was out of that class by 10:15.  Went to the library and completed the homework within 20 minutes.  After lunch, I still had almost 3 1/2 hours before my next class.

Since I'm still in the practice stage of knitting, I didn't want to continue practicing where people were going to be a) asking me questions about it (because I don't know enough to answer them) or b) outright watching (because, lets face it, there just aren't knitter circles on campus).  So I sat in my car and knit.

I was up to 17 rows (:   I was feeling pretty handy, as I'd just added 7 of them then and there-- practically double what I'd already had!  So I figured I'd give purling a try again.

The last time I tried it, even though I was theoretically doing it 'backwards' from the way I knit-- I was somehow still just knitting.  So this time, I figured I'd try it differently.

Made it through a whole row!  Ha!  I've got this! Big grin on my face as I look down at my knitting triumphantly envisioning showing my mother in law that I have -indeed- been practicing!

...and then I tried to add another row.

I couldn't get my needle in.  There was no room.  After forcing my way into the fourth stitch (are knitting loops even called stitches?), I decided I had NOT, in fact, figured out purling.

So I undid those 4-- then pulled my needle out and unraveled the obviously not purled row.

I've been pondering what happened next for the last 6 hours.  I've figured it out -now-...but that's not what happened -then-.

What happened then, was that after I unraveled that entire row, I tried to put my needle back through the loops of the previous row so I could just try again. But each loop I got through, the next would begin to disappear.  Until I lost a loop.  Then the next.  So, naturally, I had to pull out my needle and unravel that row...and when I did it again, that row... (are you starting to see a pattern here?)  By the time it was all said and done,  all I had left was my initial loop to start casting on from.

Yup.  I'd unraveled the entire thing.

After some choice words and tossing the whole thing aside in a bit of disgust, I read for about 30 minutes.  Then, I decided that it was the perfect opportunity to re-practice casting on and knitting.

If you clicked on the link above, you can tell I'm pretty much back to where I started.  See that large pile between the needle and the ball of as yet unused yarn?  Yeah.  I'd knitted all of that.  Sigh.

I'm just ornery enough for this to make me -more- determined to figure it out.

And the moral of the story?

Cast not your purls before you know how to purl

....or at least, until you know how to save yourself from unraveling the entire thing (;

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