Saturday, January 14, 2012

Expectations, Shopping and Lunch

I'm not a big shopper.  To be honest, I typically don't enjoy any part of the process.  With a couple of glaring exceptions that revolve around art supplies, craft supplies, fabrics and notions, books and hardware stores.

Today was that day:  The rare occasion where I am excited to go shopping!  Lists in hand, I headed to Dothan and Hancock's fabric with Mark and our boys in tow.  I got yarn to start a crochet project for myself and fabric to finish out two of my 2011 pay it forwards.  Then we went to Hobby Lobby for cork to finish off another of my 2011 pay it forwards-- but while there, I discovered that this will be the place I go the next time that I'm looking for yarn.  They have a MUCH better selection and the prices are comparable.

Then we headed to Apple Bee's for lunch.  Uncle Kennard had given us gift certificates for Christmas AND the boys, being on the school honor roll, were each given a gift certificate for a free kid's meal.  We've tried the Apple Bee's at home three times, and been sorely disappointed with each-- poor service, icky food, or things served cold that should be hot and vice versa.  So we decided to try out the one in Dothan.

MUCH better!  -This- is a place that could be in their commercials.  Our waitress was attentive and knowledgeable, the food was excellent and the proper temperatures and my guys and I had a wonderful time.  We even played a couple of rounds of tick tack toe on the paper kid menus that they give out and I had the opportunity to introduce my oldest to madlibs (:

Then, right after we placed our order for dessert, my husband reached over to steal a sip of my youngest's soda. He jumped and made a terrible face.  It was Dr. Pepper.  He was expecting Pepsi.  And it was hysterical.

And in that moment, I remembered my summer at Horse Cave Theatre, working in the costume shop and the near weekly gatherings and parties that went on.  For one of them, I made chocolate covered strawberries and grapes.  One of my older co-workers stood staring at the tray for 5 minutes, obviously steeling himself, before he quickly snatched up one of the grapes, tossed it in his mouth, took a bite-- then yelped and jumped back, with obvious shock on his face.

When I asked what was wrong with the grape, he said he's been expecting an olive.  After laughing, I asked him why he'd think I'd bring chocolate covered olives and his response was, "Well...with you, I just didn't know -what- to expect."

In retrospect, I'm pleased that, even believing it to be an olive, he cared enough to try it-- and subsequently also a little offended that he'd think I'd even make such a thing (lol).

Back in the present, our desserts were being served and my youngest and I tried the mousse (which was delicious) and my oldest enjoyed a Sundae.  And after all the certificates, we spent $10 for a $70 meal (:  Made sure to tip our waitress well for her excellent service.

After lunch, we made our last stop at Lowes, because I'm almost done with the one Pay it Forward, and my husband likes it so much, he wants me to make a couple more to give as gifts.

But I'll post about that when I finish it tomorrow (;

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