Wednesday, January 11, 2012

First Day of School, Spring 2012

My first day of school didn't start in an organized and pre-planned fashion.  In fact, it completely broke with routine.  I had one child up at a time, spending an hour personally with each of them, instead of 30 minutes with both as I try to get as much breakfast into them as possible before they have to hop on the bus.  It was nice.  I really enjoy the moments when I get to enjoy my boys one on one and none of feel like they have to compete for my attention.  My first lesson of the day began before I even left for school:  I need to make more time to be with my boys individually.  I think we all appreciated it (:

Then it was off to school for my first class of the semester.  That said, today was also my first day on campus in 2012, and the first day of my last year of school.  I parked in the lot that I traditionally do, and headed up a path I walk so often-- but over the break, they'd ground up the stumps for the pines that they cut down last semester.  Though I was a little sad to see how badly they're tearing up the campus in the name of progress, I still smiled and inhaled deeply as I passed those stumps that are no more.  The scent of fresh pine enveloped me as I walked through the small gauntlet of wood shavings that lined both sides of the walk.

And my first class:  Technical Theatre.  If you're like me, you probably think that class sounds like it should happen in a theatre... or at least where tech stuff happens.  So when my schedule did NOT say the shop, I had to figure out where it was directing me, as I wasn't sure where Bibb Graves was.  It turns out that it's the major building on the quad that they've been renovating and working on since I started at Troy...and I get to have a class in it!  I was lucky to choose the side entrance closest to where I came from because it turned out that my class was just around the corner.

I think it's going to be a lot of fun, and has the potential to allow me to make some art projects along the way.  We shall see.  I have high hopes (:  And a lot of ideas.  Oh!  AND part of the assignment requires going out to see a professional level performance not put on by Troy, so I've been given permission to look for a show, or concert somewhere in the area.  Very excited by the prospect!

After a very productive first day on campus getting things in order (returning a wonderful borrowed book, picking up my finished sewing final from last semester, making it through the cashiers office, visiting with friends, and preparing for classes that start next week), I stopped off at Lowes to get the rest of the supplies that I need to finish my second Pay it Forward of 2011.  I should have it all wrapped up and ready to go on Friday (:

I've also decided that on Saturday, I'm going to Dothan to pick up the supplies for 2 of the others.  If it goes quickly enough, I might well have all three projects complete by the end of the weekend!

I also ordered my first crochet pattern.  It's for an absolutely lovely Moorish Mosaic Afghan.  So I'll also have to pick up the recommended yarns (and a little extra for learning and practicing on).

I like having projects to work on.  I just need to get them taken care of before homework eats my free time (;

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