Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Ground Work

For 2010, I completed my first Pay It Forward project.   And last January, I posted the facebook status again:

I will make something handmade for the first five people who respond to this, but I decide what it is and I'll send it within (roughly) a year.  The catch is that you have to post it in your status and make something for the first five people who respond to yours.  It doesn't have to be art-- it can be food or whatever, but you have to make it for that person.

So now, I have until the end of this month to finish them.  My creative challenge today doesn't have a tangible object (yet)-- instead, tonight I was cementing and researching the ideas that I'll be using to create my 5 projects.

I'm not going to leak any spoilers, but in the next 5-20 days, I'll definitely blog about each finished piece as they head off in the mail to their intended recipient (:

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