Friday, January 13, 2012


I dabble in a lot of them.  Hobbies, I mean.  Most of them are art, craft or learning centric because, well, I like arts, crafts and learning (;

But I recently read one of the absolute best answers to the question, "What is your hobby?"

Alex Osborn answered this question with one word:  Imagination.

I have to admit, that resonates with me.

To me, imagination is a key that opens up a room of unlimited size, filled with an equally unlimited amount of wonders.

It's the pillows that become bunkers in imaginary wars.  It's the unbearably cold tundra just outside the cave of blankets.  It's the water dragon the University uses to water the football field.

It's a chance to be entirely within your own head-- and amused and entertained.

It's also the opportunity to share that with someone else-- or be fortunate enough to have someone else sharing theirs.

It's improvised bed time stories.  And clouds and shadows that look like other things.

And often, it's the inspiration for many of the arts and crafts and learning that I pursue.

 It's all of these, and so many more.

I'd like to say I'll add imagination to my list of hobbies, but I suspect it's already there.

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