Sunday, January 22, 2012

Kindergarten Family Project

Every now and then, my boy brings home a family project to be completed and brought back to school.

The instructions where to cut out the large snowflake shape and decorate it how ever we wanted to.

Since tomorrow is Chinese New Year, I have paper-cuts on my mind and asked my boy if he wanted to use cut outs as our decoration.  He said sure and we sat down and decided what we were going to draw and what was going to be cut out.

He decided he wanted a red diamond in the center and wanted to make one of the sections I drew for a cutout a darker blue instead.  I think it was a good call on his part (:

Now he's ready to turn it in for class tomorrow (:

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  1. How cool! Love that he had such strong opinions about it! I miss those projects from school that we did together when my kids were little. Now that they are older (precalc. & engineering) they have learned if they ask for my help I will probably end up at Google trying to figure it out - so they just Google it themselves.


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