Thursday, January 5, 2012

Lazy Man's Open Face Burger

Or, "How I got my 6 year old to finally eat hash browns".

It's what I made for dinner tonight, but that's boring.  Instead, I'll share how I ended up making it for the first time, because that's more interesting (;

My youngest has absolutely failed to eat hash browns of any kind, for practically ever.  We've tried the multiple little round ones.  We've tried the large flat ones at fast food places like McDonald's.  I've even tried making them at home.  He turned his nose up at all of them.

But he adores french fries.  And his Daddy makes them better than McDonald's in the 80s!  Mark says it's the freezing them after cutting the potatoes and before putting them in the deep fryer that's the key.  But he made them the other day and didn't bother freezing them--and they were -still- awesome.  I'm just chalking it up as one of his personal skills.

So the evening came that I decided to make burgers and fries.  I defrosted a pound of ground beef, divided it up into 4 patties, seasoned them with salt and pepper and started pan-frying them.  Then I went to start the fries (I can make them, following his directions and they're good, just not as good as his)...and discovered I didn't have any potatoes.  Crap.  How am I going to make fries without potatoes?!?

So I figure we'll have hamburgers without fries-- when I go to gather the bread and discover:  What the heck?!?  I don't have any bread either?!?  What kind of cook/ Mom am I who makes burgers and fries having neither bread (or buns) OR potatoes in the house?!?  (Okay, I own up to a complete fail on this particular evening.)

But that's where you have to get inventive and creative, right?

So I started rummaging around in the freezer and see our package of ready made hash browns (because my oldest and I enjoy them with breakfast sometimes).  Now, I know my youngest won't eat them, but I suddenly have an "Ah ha!" Momma moment:  I decide I'm going to make open face burgers on top of hash browns and try to sell my boy on the idea that it's the best of burgers and fries combines in a single dish.

And it worked (:

AND it turned out to be pretty good.  So like our bacon wrapped chicken, it's become a Wise family favorite.

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