Thursday, January 5, 2012

Mom, You're such a GIRL

So this morning, a friend of mine's status update on facebook said, "To the squirrel being stalked by the 4 stray cats in the backyard.... Good luck."

Squirrels are kind of a running theme at our house.

My boys are still teasing me about this, but 2 weeks ago, I opened the door and called all the dogs in.  Then I glanced at the laundry room and thought, "Wow.  That's a very lifelike stuffed squirrel they have.... ...But... .....I...didn't -get- them a stuffed squirrel....It's REAL!!" and then I screamed and slammed the back door shut.

You have to understand--

1.  It was a -giant- squirrel.
2.  There were no puncture wounds or anything.  and
3.  My pets had draped stuffing from one of their other toys across it like it's stuffing was coming out.  (I'm betting they did that last one on purpose as a group effort practical joke.)

My boys are teasing me because once it scared me-- I couldn't go out and dispose of it.  My 9 year old had to rescue me and do it.  So both of them are still laughing and will shake their heads and say, "Mom, you're such a GIRL."

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