Saturday, January 7, 2012

Observations from My Children

For Christmas, my mother in law got me an awesome how-to book on knitting.  When I tried it out though, I realized that I wasn't going to learn this from a book.  It's more complicated than that.

So she spent a day with me showing me how to knit (:  Then she gave me homework and told me to practice.

So I'm practicing my knitting.

I'm so excited to be learning this!!  Please don't ask me what it's going to be.  (lol)  Right now, it's just practice.  This first picture is from the day before yesterday.

And this picture is from tonight (:  My current game plan is to use the entire skein.  1.  To see how far a skein goes.  and 2.  To give me good practice with my knitting.  If I get lucky, I might get a scarf out of this practice.  If not, I can always unravel it, right?

So what does my learning to knit have to do with my kids' observations?

Well, they've been watching me knit (:  My oldest has asked me to make him something.  My youngest wants me to teach him how to do it once I've learned.

And yesterday, I was wearing a set of my re-purposed hair sticks.  (Two years ago, youtube taught me how to put them up.)

(Yeah, it really is -that- simple.  A second stick is purely decorative.)

While we headed over to visit Mark's parents, my youngest was riding behind me in the vehicle, with a clear view of my hair.  Suddenly, he chimes in, "Hey Mom!  You could use your hair sticks to knit!"

And I realized that he's absolutely right!

Then my oldest (who was with me when I purchased them from the local Asian food market as part of a set of chopsticks) said, "Or you could eat with them!"

Between them, they reminded me of two cartoons floating around fb lately:


I'm going to have say that it's because 2 sticks turn out to have multiple purposes and come in quite handy (;

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