Friday, January 6, 2012

Pay It Forward 2011 Project 1

I sent off my first 2011 Pay It Forward gift today!

This one was for my friend Annie, who signed up first.  I knew -exactly- what I wanted to make for her, it just took me time to find the time to make it....them (as it actually turned out to be in 6 pieces).

Getting started.
 I realize I might be a bit of a crafting hoarder, as ALL of these things were readily available in my craft bins... but everything has a place (when it's put away) and obviously, I'm using them, so may be not so much hoarding as 'saving for later', right?  Anyway, this was the stage when I decide what I was going to be making and out of what.  Last year, she'd seen the hair jewelry that I made and expressed an interest in them.  So I figured I would make some for her (:

Since she's a red head, I chose to work with browns, greens and beige for hers.  I decided I would make her 2 sets of hair falls (one cowry, the other coin), and a set of hair sticks.

Working through a process of elimination (;

Getting started on the cowry falls.
Almost done with this set! (:  It's a combination of embroidery floss, crochet thread, wooden beads and cowry shells.
I decided to get started on the coin falls before finishing the cowry ones.
One finished portion!
Close up on the hair sticks that I did for her from a combination of stone and wood beads, thread, and pieces from a broken bracelet (:  I'm a big fan of recycling!
A close up on the two sets of finished hair falls.

All three finished sets.  Hoping that she'll send me pictures of them in her hair for my portfolio, since I don't put other people's hair jewelry in my hair, even for display (:

I hope that she likes them!

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