Tuesday, January 10, 2012


So I'm getting my daily fix of Zuma Blitz, when the round ends and, for no apparent reason, I say the word, "Samsara".

Having no idea why this word would be leaving my mouth, nor what it means, I turn to google for some help, because the spelling is clearly in my mind.

I know that this is the word I meant to say.  I just don't know why.

It turns out that it's a Hindu, Buddhist (and several other Indian Religions) concept meaning "continuous flow" in the cycle of birth, life, death, rebirth or reincarnation.  In modern thought, it tends to be the flow and experiences of life.

I can see how it relates in relation to my actions at the time, as I was playing a game with multiple, practically unlimited 'lives', and how the end of each term would be a form or reincarnation.

But I don't think that's what I meant when I spoke the word.

I wasn't thinking about the game at all.  I was thinking about my life and my endless to-do lists and what needed done next.  There's always so much to do.  And thankfully, most of it brings me joy.  Okay (lol), maybe not even most of it, but I tend to focus on the parts that do.  I ask of myself the same that I ask of my little boys when we snuggle at night, "So what was you absolute favorite part of the day?"  A good thought to head to sleep with.  And a good memory to start the next day.

But then I was left wondering how I even knew this word.  I'm fairly certain I didn't just channel it out of the universe (...although, on second thought, that'd be pretty cool.)

I realize that I came across the term in passing while researching my Project 5 Hinduism piece.  And considered making a Samsara Tsemo for my Project 5 Buddhism piece, but decided against making 2 game boards for the show.

Apparently, my subconscious paid more attention to the information I was researching than I did and might be suggesting something for me to ponder on this cool and rainy Tuesday (:

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