Saturday, January 21, 2012

So What Are You Making?

The other day, I happened to run into my friend Megan just outside of the art building.  And in less than a minutes, she taught me how to purl!  (Yes, I keep my practice with me at school for lulls in my schedule.)

Now, I know enough about knitting (it's actually one of the few things I do know) to know that you have to finish a row.

So there I am, standing, talking with my friends, and purling.

This was a MUCH better experience than my last attempt.

And my friend Rabbit comes over to say hello to everyone and notices my hair sticks.  I couldn't resist announcing that I'd made them.  He laughed and said, "Of course you did!"  And then he noticed I was knitting and joked that I was making the sweater I was wearing as a custom fit.  We all laughed -a LOT-.  I still find the mental image of that description absolutely hysterical:  knitting yourself into a sweater.  (Sorry.  STILL laughing!)

It took me -forever- to do that single row of purl.

Mr. Skaggs happened to be passing by and asked me what I was making.  I quipped, "It's either going to be a scarf or a pot holder!"  (I like to keep my options open.)

Tonight, it's reached 'square' status.  If it was going to be a pot holder (albeit a -giant- one), this'd be the point where that happens.  But I'm stubborn and determined:  I still want to see how much yarn is in this skein!

I saw some absolutely beautiful frilly scarves the other day and thought, "Ha! I see what you did there!"  But the wind cuts right through scarves with large holes and I don't like that at all.  Beautiful, absolutely;  Practical on a cold winter day-- not so much.

And it made me think about my Practice (as I've come to name this thing).  Seriously, this thing is -thick-.  I joked with Mark tonight that you could wear it in Antarctica.  He pointed out that it's awful wide for a scarf.  It's almost like a blanket.  I'm still aiming for a scarf.  I'm just realizing that it's going to take a LOT of rows to get there.

And I'm still alright with that, since it started as nothing more than a chance to practice my knitting.
....And it's certainly that!

Where I stopped tonight (:  The needle on the left points to the three rows of purling.  My game plan is to put three rows on the other end of the scarf the same distance from the end.  I like to have goals (;

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