Saturday, February 25, 2012

Hair Sticks Day 1

This semester, I'm signed up for the Business of Art class.  There are two of us in there (Thanks for joining me, Angela!).  Part of our assignment is to plan, prepare and run the Art Club tent at TroyFest in April.

We'll be setting up, displaying and selling art work done by students in the Art Department at Troy.  But we're also welcome to make our own things, since we're going to be there all weekend running the tent.

I've started making hair sticks.  I finished 10 today.

See that disaster?  That's my table when I'm getting ready to craft (;  I realized as I was making them today that I have a variety of beads-- some of which are over 20 years old, others that are one of a kind pieces of art in their own right, and still others that have come from Egypt, Afghanistan  and other points not within the U.S.

These were all my shorter, equal pairs.

I've set them in white paper to keep pairs together, keep them organized and prevent them from tangling up.

made with bamboo, glass, plastic and metal beads.

made with wood, plastic and metal beads.

made with metal, glass and wood beads.

made with metal and plastic beads.

made with wood, plastic, and metal beads.

These are longer and mostly not exactly matching.  Their meant to be worn staggered like in the pictures here.

made with wood, shell,and nut beads.

made with glass, metal and lapis beads.

made with stone, metal, and glass beads and 2 decorative bells (:

made with glass, and metal beads and bells.

made with metal and wooden beads.

I'm going to try to make 10 more tomorrow.  And I'm rewarding myself with finishing off 2 pair of hair sticks that I started for myself months/ years ago (:   I'll post photos of those tomorrow.

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