Wednesday, February 29, 2012

More Hair Sticks

Sorry for the break between posts.

Headed out the front door to go grocery shopping on Monday...and failed.  Not the shopping (though I failed that too)-- I mean I failed the walking out of the front door, rolled a natural 1 on walking kind of failed.

Ended up twisting my ankle badly enough that we spent 2 hours waiting in the doctor's office just to make sure I hadn't broken it.  Thankfully, NOT broken.  Woohoo!  I'm just now getting back to feeling like me, albeit a slower walking version, thereof.

So here are the next round of hair sticks:

These first are the ones that I finished for me.  I still have 5 more of those to do (look foward to) when I finish the next rounds of the others for class.

Done with wood and metal beads.  I'd originally planned to turn these into temple ornaments, but after 2 years of not making that, and then discovering it wouldn't be what my SCAdian persona wore anyway, I decided they'd make wonderful hair sticks instead.

These, I designed for myself after making a similar set for my friend Annie and liking them so much.  Made with glass, metal and stone beads.

These, I plan to wear with the Turkish dancer garb I made.  They're made with metal, glass and lapis beads.

And here are the ones I made for class:

made with metal and plastic beads.

made with wood, plastic and metal beads.

made with wood, bamboo, plastic and metal beads.

made with bamboo, metal and wooden beads.

made with wood, glass and metal beads.

made with wood, bamboo, acrylic and metal beads.

made with metal, glass, and malachite beads.

made with glass and metal beads.

made with wood and acrylic beads.

Enjoying the variety (:

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