Friday, February 3, 2012

We're ALL Beautiful to the Right Person

This morning, a new image on an old theme started floating around my facebook page:

Last month, it floated around in this incarnation:

I can't stand either one of them.  In fact, I'm sitting here fuming about it.  (And I'm on the larger side of this particular scale that's supposed to 'empower me'.)

But here's the thing:  -HEALTHY- is what matters.

Whether that feminine shape is small and thin or large and curvy-- if she's healthy, THAT is what matters.

This sort of thing turns us women against each other.

Yes, larger women should be allowed to feel proud and beautiful-- but NOT at the expense of other women who are not shaped the same.  And vice versa!

We're -all- beautiful to the right person.

And the first person on that list should be ourselves.

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