Monday, March 5, 2012

3 Things I Learned While at Baba Marta

Baba Marta is the event put on by my SCA shire the first weekend in March.  This was our third year.  And it -rained- the entire time.

It's pretty amazing to have over 64 people in attendance for feast at an event with 100% chance of rain all day long (:  Especially for all of them to be in such great spirits!

This year, I was working with the feast staff all day (:  They put up with me and my poorly mobile ankled self.  While stripping black-eyed peas of their skins, I learned so many things (around a whole lot of laughter and excellent conversation!).

First, that it's the skins on beans where the gas comes from.  Strip the beans, and viola! no gas (:  (and blackeyed peas turned into a puree with a food process, mixed with eggs and deep fried is -excellent-!)

Second, so you've forgotten your grater and need to make lemon zest:  You can use a steak knife to scrape the peel off the lemon.

Third, you know how the cornstarch always says to add it to a bit of water to thicken your gravy?  You can just use the liquid you're making gravy into!  Just fill a small bowl with a couple scoops of your stock and add the cornstarch to it instead.  Genius!

And I'm going to share some of my favorite photos from this year, as taken by my friend Renee Moulton:

The troll table (:

Pokey, wearing Baba Marta III martenitsas and sitting with our 'shrubbery'.  Ni!  (;  His goal is to be the last rhino in Meridies.
The Baba Marta doll made by Lady Katarina and the table top flag made by Lord Graelant.
The new comer SCA board that I made last year (:
The peacock covers for the final dish of feast, made by Lady Anthionette, arranged for display.
Just before the reveal (:  And beneath those lovely birds were some of the most delicious chicken bacon creations -ever-.

See?  Full feast hall (:
Lord Braennan the bard singing at feast.  He also played the violin throughout while we were finishing preparing the first remove!  Many, many thanks to our visiting bard from the south!
Some of our wonderful servers wearing shire tabards.  Ha!!  I just realized it's our shire boar's head with an apple in it's mouth! (lol)
This year's teacher gift baskets (:  We do it every year-- baskets filled with treats and gifts made by the shire members for anyone who will teach at Baba Marta.
The lady who won the bid on hairsticks that I made (:
Detail on the hairsticks I made for the event (:
And just in case you needed it, proof that I was actually there (;  Cheesing it up while working in the kitchen.

All in all, it was a -wonderful- event.  And I look forward to Baba Marta IV next year (:

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