Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Making a Push Stick

Last week Monday, we were given this assignment in Technical Theatre:  Design a Push Stick.

What's a push stick?  It's a tool used with a table saw to keep your fingers away from the blade while you're pushing smaller pieces of wood through.  They can be made with a bit of scrap and a notch.

We needed to research them.  Most of the ones I found on-line were like these.  The most creative ones that the internet had to offer were a snake and a shoe.  But I'd already seen better examples in class when Mike was explaining them.  He had a whale, a mermaid and a cracked tooth-- all three push sticks created by previous students.

There are two aspects that it'll be graded on:  functionality and creativity.  He was explaining that as we came up with our designs, we might want to give up some creativity to make it more functional, or vice versa.

As he was talking, I was already starting my design in my head (:

I decided that I wanted to make a hand to protect to my hand.  I also decided that I'd make an actual handle as a bracelet in my design.

And I figured, if I was going to have a hand, it'd be perfect for practicing henna on it.

My goal was to make it BOTH highly functional and highly creative.

I'm very pleased with it, though I have to admit, I keep laughing when I think about actually using it for its intended purpose.  It's a little over dressed for the job (;  While I was working on it at the shire meeting, my friends were joking about how, if it's nicked while it's tested, I should fill it in and paint a band-aid on it (;

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