Sunday, March 11, 2012

Random Observation While Walking Campus

I -love- walking around Troy University and seeing things.  Every semester, there's something.  Sometimes, it's the professors and sometimes, it's the students.

I'm pretty sure this was a student:

It was during my 'take a different route because you've sprained your ankle stupid and can't walk up all the stairs like a normal person' phase of last week.  I walked past it, then it registered and I went back.  Yup, it's an 'F' on a brick by a corner about 5 feet up.  I couldn't tell you why, but at the time, I interpreted it as the wall reminding me of my fail to walk out my front door (lol).

But it also turns out that the administration may well be involved.  See, I have a class in the newly renovated Bibb Graves.  And with my ankle, I was looking for a chair in the hall to sit in before my class (I'd ended up half an hour early trying to make sure I'd have time to get up the previously mentioned stairs.)

And these are three of the images that kept me entertained while waiting for said class:

I actually stared at this one for 6 minutes before I figured out what was that I was trying to figure out--what it was that kept me staring, and then I figured it out:  Every single man is looking directly at the camera....and not a single one of the women is.  I can't tell you why, but there it is.

This one finally made sense, but only when I mentioned it to someone else.  See, when I looked at it, it seemed to me like the man in the center was obviously of more prominence than any of the other people-- more detail and looking directly out at the viewer-- but my friend pointed out the words and theorized that perhaps they're ALL the same man, as a life perspective, with the one in detail in the center being while he was at Troy.  Now, I'm thinking that's sort of right-- except that I don't think the children are him-- I think they're an illustration of him as educator.

^Him                                              and                           ^Him..................

And directly across while I waited for my classroom to empty, I saw this one...and still can't decide if the man in the front row on the far left (from our view) and the man three people to his left (towards the center and our right) have switched pants.  Because the tall man's jacket is an almost exact match for the pants that are too large on the other guy...and the dark pants that he's wearing would go great with the dark shirt of the other man.

I still need to get a picture of the latest stop sign.  It's not the first time they've put a red-bull in the hands of one of the cross-walkers...but this time, they've actually given her sticker wings (:

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