Saturday, May 12, 2012

A Couple of Monkeys

So yesterday afternoon, we went to a local state of the art play ground. 

 I mean this place has everything!  

Including it's own little splash pad that's basically a never ending sprinkler.  (If I'd known about that last one, I'd have had the boys wear their swim trunks.)

Monkey bars and swings beyond expectation!

And where are MY boys?

Yup-- they're the only kids up in the trees (;

My boys have been climbing trees forever.  They're even did it for my landscape painting a couple of years ago.

We were meeting my friend and her son there.  At first, she couldn't spot me-- but as soon as she saw children in the trees, she knew they were mine.

Another parent, who's daughter is currently in a purple cast where she fractured her elbow at this playground a month ago (she fell from the monkey bars) joked that if I taught kindergarten-- at recess, all my kids would be in one big tree-- where it's easy to keep an eye on everyone at once. (;

Then my friend Carrie issued up a challenge my oldest couldn't refuse:

And he climbed to the highest point.

It's kind of a running theme that when they head to a playground-- they're looking for the way up.

It was a most wonderful hour and half.

Of course, just as we were getting ready to leave, he tried to 'climb the highest' on a different set-- and fell.  I had him icing the bruises on the back of his leg and foot where he got hung up when we got home.

But I'll admit, I'm thankful-- he could have broken his leg.  He could have NOT gotten hung up and landed on his head.  Or he could have fallen the other direction which was a further 4 ft drop from what he did.

Hopefully, it will remind him to be more careful in the future.

But I am absolutely certain that it won't stop him from being a climber (:

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