Saturday, May 12, 2012

Rotten Little Stinker

A friend shared this image on facebook today.

I may have mentioned it before but spiders tend to be a theme around here:

I don't like them.

My kids think it's funny.

...So it reminded me that yesterday evening, I'm sweeping the kitchen floor and come across a half dollar sized dead spider.

My youngest points it out to me as he's passing by, to make sure I know I've swept up this huge dead spider (his words).

I said, "I know....It's giving me the heebie geebies!"

After asking what heebie geebies were, and getting a visual demonstration completely with shiver and squeak, he said it didn't bother him.

So I said he could help me and get the dust pan.

He responded, "I'll get the dustpan and I'll help you-- but you have to sweep in the spider and face your fear, Momma....  (as an afterthought and with a evil little giggle) I'm helping you get over your fear."

There was much squeaking on my part.

And much laughing on his.

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