Saturday, May 19, 2012

Thank You, Local Farmer's Market!!

I checked earlier this week and my local market has already started setting up-- I missed them on Tuesday, but I saw from their sign they'd be back today from 8 to noon.

My boys had an unexpected sleep-over with a friend from the block, so I didn't get to head over that at 8 like I'd initially planned, but at 11 this morning, I called the sleep over to a close and we headed out the door (:

See, I've been craving something in particular.  And I headed to our market in the hopes of finding it there.  And I did!

The very first vendor we went to had them:  green tomatoes.  And he was the only one who did!  He also had some lovely summer squash that I couldn't resist.

At the next stall, I picked up a lovely jar of pickled jalapenos that both of my boys sampled as soon as we got home.  From the next, I picked up a homemade jar of mayhaw jelly and she gave us a flyer that announced the upcoming grand opening of the farmer's market.  They'll have fish and chips and ALL the vendors!  And from the last stall, we picked up some of the largest sweetest blueberries I've ever seen.  Those will be making pancakes for breakfast tomorrow (:

As soon as we got home, while my boys taste-tested the jalapenos, I started preparing my tomatoes for frying.

Every time I make them, I always think about three things:  First, seeing the movie, "Fried Green Tomatoes" as a kid and thinking, "ew....that looks and sounds gross!"  Second, being a waitress at The Landing in Natchitoches, Louisiana as a late teen and actually trying them for the first time, dipped in ranch dressing.  And third, when we went to Tamarack, in West Virginia in my early twenties.  There, besides seeing a wealth of arts and crafts that made my heart soar, we stopped for lunch and I had a fried green tomato, bacon, mozzarella sandwich.  It was -delicious-!

It's the last I'm always drawn to (:

So I figured I'd share my recipe:

Fried Green Tomato, Bacon and Mozzarella Sandwich


Green tomatoes, sliced, not too think or too thick (thin gets extremely mushy, thick doesn't really soften at all)

Cooked bacon (2 slices per person)
Slices of Mozzarella
Toasted bread of choice
Vegetable oil-- enough to coat your frying pan in about 1/2 inch across the bottom.
an egg

for the breading

make your breading mixture about 1/2 corn meal and 1/2 flour, adding salt and pepper to taste.

Set the frying pan of oil over medium high heat to warm up while you start preparing the tomatoes.  Have the breading in one bowl and crack your egg in another-- scramble it for coating the tomato slices.

Dip a tomato slice in the egg, flip to coat both sides and let the excess drip off before putting it in the breading.  Flip and make sure it's coated on both sides.  When the oil is hot, add the first tomato-- continue until you've filled the frying pan.

Turn them when they're nice and golden.  Then remove them and put them on paper towel to soak up the excess oil.

Use ranch dressing as the condiment on your toast, then build your sandwich

add the mozzarella slice and enjoy!

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