Friday, June 29, 2012

Adding a Little 'Something Extra'

Tomorrow is the grand opening of Studio 116 in Brudidge, AL!

Last week, Melanie and I were busy in the print making lab making commemorative posters.

We each took several to add our own personal touch to.

I came home with five.  But it's been a rough week and extremely busy at my internship.

So as of this moment, I've decided that two of the posters I came home with will do just fine the way they are.  And I've finished the other three.

That said, here they are!

It's prismacolor pencil over screen printing and, believe it or not, a wash of acrylic.


When we screen printed this one, the '6' in 116 complete disappeared and needed help to pop, so I volunteered to help it do so (;

Here it is with flash to capture the actual colors better:

And the third:

With it being for the fourth of July parade, I wanted to do one that celebrated the holiday.

All of the commemorative posters will be available for purchase tomorrow at Studio 116!

Hope to see you there!

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