Thursday, June 28, 2012

These Things Come In Threes...

I don't know if this is the case for everyone else, but for me, I've often noticed that bad things tend to happen in threes.

As frustrating as these particular three have been, I'm glad they're more on the anxiety side of an anxiety vs. panic scale.

Irritation #1

So last week, I lost three gallons of milk.  The first was half full and completely curdled on Monday.  I figured it was because it hadn't been used.  So two new gallons.  Well, three days later, and half a gallon in, we could tell that gallon was starting to turn.  But as I opened the new gallon-- it was -also- starting to turn! And I finally realized my refrigerator was telling me it was going bad.  It maintained upper 40s until we got a new fridge on Monday... that took -6 hours- to get...from a warehouse all of 20 minutes from our house.  "How's that possible?" you ask?

1.  My father in law loaned us their covered trailer...but trying to get it, the sand in front of it was loose-- and we spent an hour and a half freeing my truck.  Fortunately, he was kind enough to a. tow my truck out of the muck with his suburban, and b. to let us use it with the covered trailer to go get our fridge.

2.  We have an older home...with narrow doors.  And bought a large side by side...  We had to take off both the doors AND the hinges in order to get it in the house.

As frustrating and time consuming as it all was-- with ice packs in the fridge that I traded out every day, we didn't actually lose anything and now we have a nice new fridge with crushed ice coming out the door.

Irritation #2

So yesterday, while working at my internship, I get a call on my cellphone from a number I don't recognize.  I answer it, and the woman on the other end greets me by name... it turns out that my big dog had wandered into their yard, and she was calling the number I had on her collar.  She was two blocks away from home.  The big warning went up for me because if she was out-- it meant I had two more dogs out as well!  So I dashed home to gather her up and head to the house to figure out 1. how they got out and 2. where my other dogs were.  Fortunately, as I approached my house, it turned out the other dogs were right there.  I rolled down my window, didn't even pause, and called them inside.  They met me in the yard.

It turned out that my pit bull had pulled the fence.  I fixed that.  And shortly after, she was back in the front yard!  So I put her back in the back, then -called- her to the front.  Thankfully, she told on herself and I discovered she'd forced a hole in gate.  I've patched it as well as I could.  It held today.

Irritation #3.

So while I'm dealing with the dogs, my boys are swimming at their Grandparents.  And my youngest is stung by (what we presume at this point) was a yellow jacket.  In the forehead.  Mom put topical antihistamine on it and an ice pack to reduce the mild swelling, and as soon as I got him home, I dosed him with oral Benedryl.

Fast forward to 7 am this morning, when I was getting ready for my internship.  I figure I'll check on him, just make sure the swelling has gone down.  So I walk in there, gentle roll him over....

And -THIS- is what I see:

I rushed him to the emergency room.  They basically kept us there for observation for 40 minutes because he wasn't having any difficulty breathing.

While waiting, we saw this:

(:  Someone in the ER has a well developed sense of humor (;

When we finally saw the doctor, he said, "Just give him benedryl every 4-6 hours.  When he sleeps, keep his head elevated to allow the swelling to subside.  And you can put ice on it to help reduce the swelling through the day."

Tonight, I came across some very helpful information that -finally- helped to put my mind at ease!

It explains why my boy is even MORE swollen now than he was this morning and why, as painful as it -looks- that it's (thankfully!) not bothering him.

...And that I can expect him to look like he's been in a prize fighting match for the next week...

...there's a reason it's called 'Sting like a bee'...

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