Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Cinnamon Sugar

I can still clearly remember the day when I was about 5 and my Grandma Carole introduced me to a treat that astounded, amazed and delighted me:  Cinnamon Sugar toast.

She was making breakfast and buttered my toast, then mixed sugar and cinnamon, sprinkled it on top-- I am telling you!  It was tasting heaven!

Sunday night, my oldest had a friend spending the night.  And, having learned from Pinterest the variety of wonders you can accomplish with crescent rolls, I decided to butter my crescent rolls and sprinkle with cinnamon sugar before rolling them up and baking.  They were a serious success (:

But it left me with a bowl of cinnamon sugar...

So this morning, I wake up at 2 am, thinking about the bag of yellow apples I have sitting in fridge that are starting to wrinkle...

And I decided to make baked apple crumble for breakfast (:

Baked Apple Crumble


all the starting to wrinkle apples in the multi-bag of yellow apples (I didn't actually count.  It was somewhere between 6 and 10.) peeled and sliced.

lemon juice-- enough to dose the first apple worth of slices in the bowl (somewhere between a couple of tsps and 1 tablespoon)

cinnamon sugar (which is roughly 1/4 cup of sugar and cinnamon to taste.  I like a lot of cinnamon, so the sugar is pretty brown.)

a good sploosh of flour (somewhere between 2 tablespoons and slightly less than 1/8 of a cup)

4 tablespoons (ha!  an actual measurement!) of melted butter

For the crumble

a good handful of oats (between 1/2 and 1 cup)
slightly less than 1/4 cup of sugar
cinnamon to taste
dash of salt
another sploosh of flour
and another 4 tablespoons of butter-- but only softened or room temperature


Preheat the oven to 350.

(As an aside, you may have noticed I didn't say 'core the apples'.  I don't.  I'm not good at it.  Instead, I slice the apple off from around the core in 4 diminishing pieces.

I slice them the same way, with skins on, when my boys want apple slices with peanut butter.  And learned from my sister in law that you can cut bell peppers the -exact- same way and not have to worry about cutting off the stem and getting all the seeds out!  Brilliant!)

In a large bowl, mix the apples, lemon juice, cinnamon sugar and flour by hand, gentle turning the apples to coat them.  Then add the melted butter and gentle toss them again.  Put the mixture in a 9x9 baking dish.

(You can bake it at this point if you just want baked apple slices.  I also wanted oatmeal.)

In a small bowl, mix the oatmeal, sugar, flour, salt, cinnamon and softened butter.  I did it by hand.  (It feels an awful lot like making meatloaf.)

Put the crumble on top of the apples.  Do not press down.

Bake for 30 minutes then check.  It will be done when the apples are soft and the crumble is browned.

Serve and enjoy!

...I'm thinking mine is calling for some vanilla ice cream...

That's cool for a Tuesday morning breakfast, right?

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