Saturday, September 15, 2012

Senior Thesis, The First Blog

It's finally here!  If everything goes according to plan -this- is my last semester of undergraduate courses!

I'm working on both my Art Senior Exhibition (a polite way to emphasize the art and hide the paper (evil laugh)) and my Theatre Senior Capstone (which is another polite way to emphasize the art and hide the paper (second evil laugh!)).

But I'm going to outright call them Senior Thesis (:  This first post is an introduction to the proposals.

I've decided to take a steampunk theme with both of them.

For Theatre:

I've been approved to do a storytelling performance.  In preparation for my performance (tentatively scheduled for December 5th!!) I am researching fairytales.  I will select three to steampunk.  The goal is to introduce the audience to hearing stories-- It's not like going to a regular theatre performance.  Stories are -meant- to be interactive between the teller and the audience.  It will culminate in the audience and I improving our own fairytale (or more accurately, me improvising a fairytale with the audience's assistance).

BUT!!  I'm also a costumer (:  And how could I -possible- resist the opportunity to make myself steam punk garb?!?!

As we speak, I'm in the process of building my quilted split skirt.  When I'm done, it will be made of -14 yards- of fabric!

For Art:

I'm attempting to enter the BFA program in both 2D and 3D art-- and I want my thesis to reflect that, so both installations will be both 2D and 3D.

I have selected two lesser known stories from the Brother's Grimm, both with strong female characters that must escape terrible situations and rescue themselves, and in one-- those she loves.

I will use these pieces to address the current war on women in America.

Already, I'm learning a lot about myself as an artist-- 1.  I like narrative (which is really a given).  2.  I'm -very- fond of semiotics and symbolism (but that's not a surprise to anyone either.) And will be using them to 'put my thumb print' on these pieces so it's not just an illustration (:  and 3.  I'm learning I'm a third-wave feminist.

ALL of this will feature prominently in my pieces.

And I am -so- excited to be getting started!!

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  1. Yay! I am glad that you have your ideas ready to go. Good luck! I am in my last year and am also doing a capstone. My capstone class is Renaissance and Reformation. I will be doing my research on Francois Rabelais and the impact his work had on his world. Then I am taking Tudor & Stuart England and that paper will be on the imortance & role of Heraldry in their world. I don't graduate until the end of the summer term and my little sister is taking me to Ireland in the fall of that year a a reward!! :)


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