Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Celebrating Fall at Studio 116


It's been a while since I kept up on my posts for my blog.  I promise:  It's not for lack of things to share!  It's been SO busy this semester!

This post is about my September at Studio 116.

I was privileged to get to assist Beverley Leach with her paper making workshops:

We even celebrated my birthday (:

And I got to end the month doing my last Kid+1= Fun and Artful Afternoon for 2012!

Both activities were in celebration of the changing seasons.

In the morning, we worked on making butterfly prints out of real leaves.

Our young artist cutting and pasting her antenna!

And her finished critters.

We also made a pinwheel:

And let her explore painting with the fall colors.

She did a -fantastic- job and we're so glad she came out to Studio 116!

Then in the afternoon, the young artists got to explore water color painting!

And we finished off the day with bean leaf mosaics (:

All in all, I'd say our artists had a great time.

And it was a pleasure to get to make art with them!  I look forward to returning to Studio 116 in 2013, but even though -I- won't be there, there's still plenty going on, so check them out!

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