Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Senior Thesis Mid-Term Review


So Friday was Mid-Term Review for Art Senior Thesis.  My advisor wanted me to create marquettes to represent my idea.

So here we go (:

What you're looking at is a 3'x5' sheet of wood that has 140 lb cold pressed water color paper stretched across it like canvas (:  This is going to be my drawing surface.

What it looks like from behind.

And that, right there is my -other- 3'x5' board with it's first coat of gesso.  That one is going to be my painting.

But then I had to make my paper models:  Please be advised-- these are NOT to scale.

These are me construction the paper model to represent the metal dress I'm going to making:

And working on my paper man:

The drawing in my 'skeletons' for the painting and drawing:

Yes, they're very faint (since it was mid-term review, I wanted to be able to make changes if the instructors advised it-- and it's MUCH easier to do if you've only got the skeletons so far!)

No, they are not naked.  I was just going for body shape at this point.

This gives you an idea of the finished "painting/ paper" piece:

Yes, the cape is attached to the painting.  Yes, there's a crow up at the top.  And what I'm holding represents 2 more paper crows hanging from the ceiling.  At the bottom of the picture is a fourth crow standing on the ground.

These give you an idea of the finished "drawing/ metal" piece:

I intend to make the dress (at least partially) out wire in those shapes.

It will 'project' from the drawing.

This is the one I got some great "make it better" feedback on.  The other one is so very clearly an integration of 2D and 3D that this one seems...well...lacking.  But I'll be filling out the tree at the top and having it project forward, as well as adding a 3D bowl and a couple of small jewelry type pieces.

Nope-- I'm not telling you the stories (;  Not -yet-.  I want it to be a surprise (:

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