Sunday, December 30, 2012

Once Upon a Time... A Senior Capstone

Since I double majored in both Theatre and Art, I wanted to tie my Senior projects together.  So my Senior Capstone for  Theatre was a storytelling performance-- of which two of the tales told were the stories from my art work.

I made my costume, my flyer, and my "program" (bookmark) while preparing for the performance.

Here is the flyer:

Both sides of the bookmark:

At the top of the book marks, I pierced them and placed a string and a clapperless copper bell.  Part of that was to give it the copper feel of steampunk, but the other part was because, in medieval times, bells and chimes were used to ward off fairies.  Therefore a clapperless bell was an invitation for some of the magic 'spark' that make up the world of fairytales.

After telling the steampunked tales for my artwork, we culminated in making a brand new story between the audience and myself.

Please be forgiving of the video quality-- it was last minute by a very generous friend of mine in the audience who volunteered to record it just before the show.  Thank you so much Brian and Candace!!

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