Thursday, July 19, 2012

Hand Sewing Lesson #1

Today, I taught my 6 year old how to back stitch (:  It's a lot more fun to actually make something, as opposed to just practice stitches, so he made his first pouch today!
He's very proud of his handiwork! ...Now he's asking me to teach how to make a stuffed animal (;

Working on his back stitch as he closes up the side and bottom of his pouch (:

One of my favorite parts was him telling me, "Hey!  This is easier than it looks!"

I even taught him how to turn string into rope for the draw string (:

I love the color he chose!

His finished bag (:

Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Today at Studio 116, we did tesselations.

I liked the pattern I did today so much that I continued working on it at home (:

But I decided to used my computer to give me greater variety of options.

Here are the three I came up with that I really like:

I think the golden piece looks like scarab beetles.

My husband thinks they look like monkey faces.

...I know.  Once it's pointed out, you're seeing the monkey faces as well, right? (;

I did start out the same way we did them at the studio-- doing it by hand:

But photoshop and illustrator are so much faster and easier for changing my mind on color-- and I don't have to store them anywhere when I'm done (;

It was fun to get to DO a bit of the art we've been showing the kids (: