Sunday, September 23, 2012

Finishing Up The Business Cards, Senior Thesis Post 3

Whew!!  So when I started working on my business cards the other day, I hadn't anticipated it would be quite so involved.  But I have to say, I'm definitely pleased with the final images!

So here they are!

Queen of Spades.

Queen of Hearts.
Queen of Clubs.
Queen of Diamonds.
Ace of Spades.
Ace of Hearts.
Ace of Clubs.
Ace of Diamonds.
To get the input of eyes other than mine, I opened them up for critique from my fb friends.  (And thank you to everyone for your input!  It sincerely helped!!)

One of the first questions was, "What is the relationship between the symbols, and the Ace, and the Biz card?"

A year or so ago, we had to make playing cards (actually, we each had to make four, but between us, we completed a deck), so I researched the meaning of each of the suites.  Then I researched symbols that had the same/ similar meaning.  So, in essence, the symbols that create a spade 'mean' "Spade".  The same is true for the aces of each suite.  The relationship with the business card is that 1.  These are my interpretations of the symbols (I'm a fan of semiotics and they show up in a lot of my previous and current work) so it's an attempt at branding and 2.  I found a company that will allow me to print up to 50 different images on the 'backside' of my business card.  So all of them will have the chimera on one side:

and one of the 8 different 'cards' to choose from on the other-- Aces, representing high quality and the Queens, as representatives of femininity.
I'm thinking that after this semester is over, I might have to revisit these and flesh out the deck as actual playing cards (;  But -first- I have to get through Senior Theses and graduation!!