Saturday, January 19, 2013

Kids + 1 = Fun, First of the Year (:

This morning at Studio 116, we had the first Kids + 1 = Fun of 2013!  It's a monthly Saturday morning gathering of art for children 3-7 with the assistance of their grown up (:

We started by reading Leo Lionni's "A Color of His Own".

It a cute little story that introduces the idea of color and the importance of friendship.

And then we moved into today's art project (:

All set up to begin!

With our colors all ready!
Today's project was Raised Salt Painting.

Using watercolor paper, our young artists filled their pages with elmer glue shapes and designs.

With the help of their grown up, we completely covered the painting in salt, then gently tapped the salt off onto a paper plate.  And then we started adding the pretty colors.  It's a small bit of water color mixed with a lot of water, though food coloring would work just as well.  The key to this project is NOT running the brush through the glue-- it's just touching the color wet brush to the paint and watching the salt soak it up.


And they made such lovely artwork!

Favorite shapes (:
And lovely color combinations.
A bit of home.

The Solar System.

Not only did they make some absolutely lovely art, but everyone had a really great time (:

Thank you so much to our young artists and their grown ups for coming out this morning!  Hope to see you again next time (:

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