Monday, January 14, 2013

Pay It Forward 2012, Second to Last

I'm thankful I was a painting ahead in the 30 in 30 days challenge because today's project took two days to complete.

Two of my dearest friends were married this past October.  I've known John and Sara since I was 18 (:  And John had signed up for my Pay It Forward.

They play in one of our mutual hobbies-- The SCA.  They're both avid music lovers and teachers.  In fact, the only class I ever had with Sara was women's choir-- and she made me take it so she wouldn't be the only contralto (;

And I wanted to make them something that would celebrate all of that:

Now, one of the joys of the SCA is that it sets my research heart a thrilling-- so I couldn't begin to tackle this particular project without some -serious- research.  And I'm thankful that I did because I found the perfect inspiration in the Le Chansonnier Cordiforme.

Le Chansonnier Codiforme is a heart shaped music manuscript from France in the 1470s.  When open it becomes two hearts joined, representing two lovers who send love messages to one another in each one of the songs.

The entire thing was painted with those 2 tiny paint brushes: 10/0 and 5/0

I wanted to combine the idea of the music manscript (going so far as to duplicate the size)

with their personal SCA devices, 

and an exceptional photograph of them that one of their friends took (and gave me permission to use).

I hope they like it!

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