Friday, January 18, 2013

Studio 116 Weekly Art Lessons #1

This Thursday, at Studio 116, we had the first Weekly Art Lesson.  We had an excellent turn out!

The first hour is centered on drawing.  For this first lesson, we focused on seeing and shape.  The kids got to take artist boards into the gallery side where we pulled objects for quick studies.

 We started with one of Mr. Hollis' fantastic bird houses.  One of my favorite quotes about drawing is that it's based on drawing lots of light lines, then choosing the right one.

 Moved into a bust with beautiful felt flower pins.

 And finished our quick studies with a lovely quail gourd creation.

The purpose of the quick studies were to loosen them up and get them focusing on the -shapes- they were looking at, as opposed to honing in on the details.

After making tone scales with the 2B pencil, we moved into drawing our own hand.  The best thing about drawing your own hand is that you always have it with you if you want to try practicing drawing from observation.

Again, we were focusing on seeing the over all shapes and working on light initial lines.  One of the most important things about learning how to draw, is learning how to -see-.  And these kids have great sight (:

As we wound down our first hour, I had them drawing their favorite animal.

One of absolute favorite parts of the last bit of our first lesson were the conversation (:  There were discussion about trying new and unusual foods, what critters eat other critters.  And the beginnings of new friendships.

As I told the parents when they came to pick up these wonderful young artists-- the purpose of these weekly lessons aren't necessarily to walk out with a finished product-- but to learn a new skill. (:  Next Thursday, we're focusing on Tone.

For the second hour, we had our first lesson in water color.  It's always amazed me how little actual paint is needed for this medium!

We started with small samplers and color theory.  Even though the pack came with green and orange, the only colors I put on the palettes were red, yellow, blue and black.  The sample was for practicing mixing colors and an introduction for some of our young artists to how colors blend.  It also gave them a chance to experiment with a variety of paint brushes.

For the larger paper, we were working on techniques:  wet on dry vs. wet on wet.  But first, I let the kids head into the gallery for inspiration! (:

And then it was on to the painting:

We'll still be painting in water color next week, exploring more techniques (including the awesomeness of salt!)

One of the most satisfying parts for me was hearing the occassion "Ooo!" or "That's cool!" when they learned a new technique (:

And I think they all had a good time-- which is what really matters!

Looking forward to next week's Lesson and seeing these fantastic young artists again!

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