Monday, February 25, 2013

A Prime Non-Stellar Day

I love reading all the blogs and statuses and news articles and (fill in the blank) about the wonderful successful strategies of parenting and pet ownership and gardening and relationships and (fill in the blank).

But sometimes, in all honesty, they're a bit overwhelming.

Because they don't take the realities of being human into account.

It's nice to be reminded that as human beings, we're not always at the top of our A game.  Sometimes, we make the wrong choice.  Sometimes we feel down, or bad, or angry, or inadequate or (fill in the blank with whichever NON-shiny happy feeling you would like).  And you know what?  That's actually -okay-.  It's actually normal.  And it's part of being human.

And the best part is that then we can shake it off and start a new day with a new outlook and let that feeling go.

So you might be reading this and wondering what horrible story I'm about to share about my day (;

To be honest, part of it is just that I'm tired of all this blasted rain!!  We've been getting so much rain in the last month that people are starting to compare lower Alabama to Seattle...and I might well need a dingy to get to and from work tomorrow (;

And part of it was commenting on a friend's page, very much with humanness in mind, when she asked, "What does one do when settling is not an option, but standing ones ground also equates to the removal of all options?" with:

If compromise is a possibility, and it's someone you care about, who cares about you, sometimes just letting the issue sit for a bit so the tempers aren't high and the spirits aren't mean can make all the difference in the world.  Everyone, regardless of gender, can have PMS (or a prime non-stellar day) sometimes.

And that's it.  Some days have crummy moments.  But they too are part of life.  I'm of the opinion that allowing ourselves to have those moments makes it possible to move on to the great ones.

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