Saturday, February 16, 2013

I'd Call That Winning!!

I'm not a big black Friday shopper.  Or more specifically, I'm not a big fan of driving out and around to do black Friday shopping.  But I'm perfectly okay with shopping on-line.  And during this last one, I got each of my boys a Nabi 2 from Best Buy.  They'd been wanting a computer or tablet for a couple of years now, and after doing almost a months worth of research, I felt comfortable in getting them the Nabi 2.  

On Christmas they opened them, there was much rejoicing and they have loved getting to use them since! ...well...sort of.  My oldest's is fine.  But about a month ago, my youngest's started having issues.  The screen would freeze with white or green or pink (or some combination thereof) lines across the screen.  

Or it would -scream-.  

I'm a big fan of customer service.  

Nabi's is not great. 

I tried their fb page.  And I tried emailing directly from their contact me page.  I got a response to my email and was asked to send pictures for the issue we were having.  It took his nabi almost 2 weeks to act up again so I could capture those images.  I was told he has one of the 2% with a screen issue manufacturer's defect.  I was also asked to provide shipping information and to expect a FedEx box in the mail and that it would take about 7 days.  I was perfectly alright with this....10 days later, I replied to that email asking if there was a tracking number or if we'd somehow  missed it.

No response.

2 days after that, I went back to the fb page and asked again.  Another person responded and I forwarded the previous email thread.  This time, I was told if I would send it in myself, making sure to take it out of the orange bounce frame, packing it well and insuring it for the cost of the nabi (just in case), they would get me a new one out within a week or so of receiving it. be honest, I didn't like this response.  I had already waited almost 2 weeks.  At this point, my son's nabi is messed up more frequently than it's not.  But I figured it was time to get ready to do it.  So I look to see if how I go about backing up his information before doing a factory reset.  It's near impossible to find the answer to this question.  So I track down nabi's customer service # and call them last night.

The gentleman who answered was kind enough to give me directions:  just plug it into a computer and manually move it over.  But when I mentioned the manufacturer's defect, I ended up with a twenty minute discussion because apparently, there are scammers out there who will get you to ship your nabi to them and then you're out the cost of shipping and out the nabi.  I reassured him that I hadn't sent it anywhere, and it was, in fact, sitting on the arm of the chair acting up, right now.  I also asked if there was any way to save to his game progress.  He told me if I looked for a back up app in the amazon app store, they would have something that should do that.

After we hung up, I continued looking around on the tech page and found nabi sync.  So I did that as well.  And I went back to the fb page and asked if there was anything else I'd need to do to save the game progress.  A quick response said there is no way to save the game progress.  I'll have to reinstall everything and he'll be starting from scratch.

I mention all this because what I noticed is there doesn't seem to be a consistent answer!  I had 2 questions that boil down to one goal:  How do I get my son a nabi 2 that works?!?!

....So, if you've made it this far, you're probably thinking..... But...why would you call this post "I'd Call That Winning!!"


So after several hours of frustration with nabi last night, I finally thought....wait...I bought this from Best Buy...and I -think- I got the Geek Squad protection on it!  I wondered, if that were the case, if I could just take it to our local Best Buy and exchange it.  So I visited the Best Buy website, called their support number and asked-- and lo and behold!  Yes! I have the protection plan.  And Yes!  I could take it in for an exchange, just make sure to bring all it's cords/chargers, etc.

This morning, we headed out to Best Buy.  I was worried that the tablet was going to be all normal with no signs of it's issue-- but as I turned it on while waiting in line-- it did it's freezing lines thing.  And as I stood there waiting with certifiable proof in my hands, I looked at the screen and thought, "Man.  It's too bad we're going to have to buy another $25 screen protector."

Well, when I got up to the desk, I figured it wouldn't hurt to ask-- and you know what?

Best Buy was able to pull up the receipt for the shield and replaced both the nabi 2 and the screen protector, and for a mere $6.50, updated the Geek Squad protection so the new one gets a full year's coverage as well!

I call that a total WIN!  And it's that kind of customer service and commitment that makes Best Buy one of our favorite stores.

And here's a bit of irony.  This was the first thing I saw when I opened the new box:

On our way to the local Best Buy, we also discovered that one of our favorite pizza places had reopened!!  We went there to celebrate!

 The boys got to have their favorite and play at the video game bar.

While I got to have my favorite and my husband found us a new favorite in the Simple Simon's calzone!  It was -soo- good!

To our family, it really is!  (:

We're so glad Simple Simon's in Dothan has reopened!!

Between delicious pizza we've been missing for almost a year and the excellent customer service we received at Best Buy, this Saturday can be chalked up to epically winning (:  And that makes me happy!  ...Almost as happy as it makes my youngest to know that once it's charged, he's going to have a new nabi!

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