Saturday, February 2, 2013

Imbolc, One Billion Rising: A Daily Artist Challenge Day 2

For the second day of the One Billion Rising Artist Challenge, I had another piece planned but as I took a moment to visit facebook, I discovered that many of my friends were celebrating Brigid and the festival of lights that is Imbolc.  And so today, I decided to let Ireland inspire me!

As I researched, I discovered there are several varieties of Irish Step Dancing.  The most famous is the southern form called Munster.  I also learned that Brigid is the goddess of poetry and felt myself imbued with inspiration! and so I made:

'Imbolc'. 9" x 12" Acrylic and Sepia Pen and Ink on Watercolor paper.
Available for purchase as prints and other merchandise at
And was also inspired to write a poem as well (:

Imbolc dancing,
Turning with the seasons.
A swirl of the skirt
Like leaves fluttering in the wind.
New life,
New hope,
New beginnings
And the promise that spring will soon be here.

I'm really enjoying celebrating world dance and the feminine as we lead up to V-Day!

I'll be joining my local event in down town Dothan on February 14th (:

Have you found your local event yet?

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