Saturday, February 23, 2013

Kids + 1 = Fun, February 2013

This morning, I headed up to Studio 116 in Brundidge for February's Kids + 1 = Fun!

Today, we enjoyed a favored book from when my boys were younger, The Land of Color.

(My oldest is flipping through it right now because he doesn't remember it, but The Land of Colors and One Green Frog were two of their favorite books when they were very little.  We read One Green Frog so much it died (So I just ordered a new copy from the link!)).

Then, we worked on a variety of water color resist techniques.  We started out with white crayon.

Then we pulled out the contact paper, markers and scissors to make shape resists.  While our grown up helper worked on cutting out shapes, I showed our young artist some of the art work that I've been making.  I'd been creating a piece a day for the first month and a half of the year but I'm currently taking a small break.  We all decided getting to make a new piece of art every day would be fun!  And that gave us enough time to get started on the next project (:

We experimented in mixing and layering colors, as well as putting our contact paper shapes on white paper and over parts that were already colored to save the colors underneath.

And that brought us to my absolute favorite part of the day:  "Norwegian Beach".

Norwegian Beach, in progress.
When her Mom said that this would be her blue piece, our young artist replied that that was because it was a Norwegian Beach (:

And then she was inspired by today's book and chose to add yellow shells!

We had a really great time experimenting with water color and resist, and I know Sara is looking at air dry clay and other possibilities to add 3D art in the future!!  Keep a look out for great things upcoming at Studio 116 (:

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