Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Mago's Janggu Chum, One Billion Rising: A Daily Artist Challenge, Day 6

For today's One Billion Rising inspiration, I chose the Korean Mago, the Great Goddess, because she is the protector of women and mother of the world, who balances the powers of the universe.

I love the origin of her story: That in the beginning, when the music of the stars and universe came into ultimate harmony, wise Mago birthed herself and created all.

I haven't talked much about the colors I've been using, but each one is symbolic.  In Korea, white is purity, innocence and peace, pink is a color of trust, and green is symbolic of prosperity, a fresh start and auspicious beginnings.  All of which are perfect both for Mago, and for the true intention of One Billion Rising's V-Day on February 14th.

'Mago's Janggu Chum'  9" x 12" Acrylic and Sepia Pen and Ink on Watercolor Paper.
Available for purchase as prints and other merchandise at

Have you found your local V-Day rising?

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