Friday, March 22, 2013

Off On An Adventure!

So last night, as we're getting ready to snuggle for bed, there's a lot of ruckus coming from my seven year old's room.  By the time I get there, he's settled down and turned out the light.  And the opening to the conversation goes, "I found my hedge hog!  He's been gone for a year!"

I said, "He must have been off on a grand adventure!"

And my boy responded, "Oh yes!  He's been under my bed, mining for gold."

"Did he find any?"

"Well...he didn't bring any back with him, but I'll let him have some of my coins so he doesn't feel bad."

"How do you know he's been mining for gold?"

"He took a pick ax!"

I laughed.  And he said, "No!  Really!"

Then he turned on the light and showed me this:

....I didn't even know my son -had- a toy pick ax....

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