Monday, March 18, 2013

Reopening my Etsy Shop! (:

I graduated from Troy University in December 2012 with a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Studio Art (both 2D and 3D concentration) and Theatre.

I went back to college because I wanted to finish my degrees after taking a 10 year break to start my family.  Before this latest round of college, I'd been a waitress, a secretary, an office manager, I sold appliances at Sears and most recently, even spent 3 years as a live in home assistant for my Grandmother-in-law.

So right after graduation, I was ready to try my hand at the real world again!  After all, it'd been a  decade since I was on the job market and a lot has changes since 2003!  I was fortunate to be in the right place at the right time and quickly found a temp job that utilized my customer service, organizational, typing and phone skills where uber cheerfulness is a bonus!  (; Sadly, that position lasted all of a month.

That was a week ago.

Since then, I've been working on building up my crafts and arts to make a real go at being an Artist and Crafter.  It's funny, shortly after I started my 'real' job, a friend posted that facebook comic about "dress for the job you WANT"-- and in that moment, I realized that what I truly, sincerely want, is to be successful at my Crafts and Arts.  Today is March 18, 2013.

Hopefully, TODAY is the start of a fabulous lifetime career (:

As part of that new beginning, I reopened and updated my Etsy Shop.  

And made a couple of new 'ads'

Stop by, check it out, give it a like or share, and maybe even find something that says you have to have it (:

And thank you so much for your support!

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