Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Legend of the Dogwood

"The Legend of the Dogwood" 5 1/4" x 7 3/4". Acrylic on hymn.

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In the Seven days leading up to Easter, I've decided to do a new painting each day as part of a new short holiday based series.

Each piece is designed and hand painted on a hymn, chosen to reflect the theme.

For Wednesday's piece, I remembered being seven years old.  I was out walking with my Grandma Carole on a beautiful spring day, much like today, asking questions about all the plants we came across along the way.  And then my Grandma Carole stopped at a dogwood tree whose blossoms were within reach.  She plucked a single flower and then told me the legend of the dogwood.  

There shall be signs of the rust of nails and the blood that Jesus shed on the end of each petal.  A crown of thorns in the middle and it will symbolize the cross in the shape of its petals so that all who see it will remember.

I chose the hymn, "Praise Him! Praise Him!" as the background for my Easter dogwood.

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