Tuesday, March 19, 2013

SOLD Two Seasons of the Snow Leopard

I got to spend today working on a couple of commissions, and these are the results:

Here they are individually:

"Snow Leopard in Summer". 6.5" x 9.8" Acrylic on dictionary page.  
Prints and other merchandise available for purchase at http://society6.com/JaninWise/Snow-Leopard-in-Summer
It's a summer snow leopard with portulacas on a dictionary page that was personally selected to suit the customer. (:


"Snow Leopard in Winter". 9" x 9" Colored pencil and pen and ink on Acrylic paper.
Prints and other merchandise available for purchase at http://society6.com/JaninWise/Snow-Leopard-in-Winter
And she liked them both!  (Insert happy Janin dance here!)   (:

The way this particular commission worked is that I made two pieces, leaving her the choice of which one she would receive.  She chose the top and ordered the iphone skin of the bottom (:

Tomorrow, I'll get it out in the mail to her then head down to Dothan to drop off some of my framed prints and new hairsticks  for the first

Feeling productive, happy and blessed (:   All in all, it's been an absolutely fantastic Tuesday!

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