Monday, April 1, 2013

I Shall Fear No Weevil

"I Shall Fear No Weevil".  7.5" x 9.5" Acrylic on dictionary page.

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Although I've actually been a member of deviantART for two years, I didn't actually post any of my work until last week.  So I'm actually quite new to it.

In fact, until I got a notice that I was being asked to add my Goddess Snake to a group and I got my first critique, I hadn't realized there were groups on deviantArt.

My curiosity piqued, I checked it out.  And discovered -immediately- that I wanted to join!  They focus on stylized animals-- which is kind of my thing right now (;

AND they do a monthly challenge!

I adore challenges!  But more importantly, they happened to be running a challenge that I felt uniquely drawn to.

You see, this month's challenge is to represent the weevil.  Little bug.  Loves to eat cotton.  Has a fun to pronounce name.

But even MORE importantly-- I happen to live all of 20 minutes away from the only place in the world with a monument erected to celebrate the Boll Weevil!  Enterprise, Alabama erected the statue in tribute to the weevil that decimated the cotton crop and forced them to diversify their crops-- before the bottom fell out of the cotton market.  So in a way, a small disaster averted an even bigger one.

I've always loved that this monument is a celebration of thankfulness for the disguise of small blessings.

I put it on the dictionary page for Enterprise.  I love that there's a person visible behind the cotton blossom, directly in front of the weevil.  It makes me feel that it gives the title even greater strength.

And so this is my dual tribute.

Both to the weevil for the deviantART group challenge and to Enterprise, Alabama and a statue that has always made me smile.

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