Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Leaving Purr Prints: The First "Surprise Me!" Commission

"Leaving Purr Prints"  6 1/2" x 9" Acrylic on wooden board.

Prints and other merchandise available here.

Yea!  She got it today, so now I can talk about it!

I happen to know that she's a really big fan of cats, as well as the owner of two beauties (:

So I decided that for my first, "Surprise Me" commission, I would do a pet portrait:

The title of the piece comes from the quote:

"Cats Leave Purr Prints on Our Hearts Forever" --Kimberly Day

It's very subtle in the finished piece, but if you check out this progress picture it's more apparent:

The four paw prints in the corners are the same pattern (and mildly shaped like hearts) like the heart I put on the cat's hip (:

Then I sent it off in the mail to her, let her know her "Surprise Me!" Commission was on it's way-- and waited for her to get it.

So you might be wondering "What's a surprise me?"

AKA, the "Surprise Me" Commission (:

No hints or themes are allowed-- It's not in the gist of -this- particular offer, as part of the thrill is I don't know how much you're sending and you don't know what you're getting!

So I emailed her my address and she sent me a check for an amount I didn't know was coming, and this is what I made for her

--that she didn't know anything about until she opened it today.

My absolute favorite part was her posting the first picture and telling me that she loved it!

That's -exactly- what I hoped would happen (:

So if you're interested in getting your own surprise commission or commissioning a pet portrait, use the message tab on my main Wise Ramblings: The Art of Janin Wise page and send me a message and we'll see what I create for you (:


  1. I truly love it! I have four cats now and one no longer with me, so you may end up doing 4a more of these. Thank you so much for your beautiful artwork!


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