Thursday, May 2, 2013

No One Ever Expects the Kraken: An Indepth Remix

If you've read through any of my dream or humor posts, you're probably aware that I tend to be quirky.  *snort* At least I entertain me (;

But you may not know that this shows up in my artwork as well!

Today, I'm going to tell you about "No One Ever Expects the Kraken".

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The original inspiration for this piece came from a friend's facebook status, where he was lamenting calling Sears Eye Care and being put on hold for seven minutes before being hung up on.

When I read it, I was in one of my quirky moods (I tend to warn people when I'm in one because pretty much -anything- is going to strike me as funny) and I responded,  "So on the one hand, I want to be all sympathetic and 'aww'...on the other, your response makes me want to laugh because I suddenly envision funny reasons =why= she couldn't get back to the phone.  The most hysterical involves donning a cape and fighting off unexpected kraken.  No on ever expects the kraken."

And the very next day, I started this piece (:

Now clearly, my mood hadn't passed, because I chose "Old Cape Cod" as the background for my horror story in motion.

You know nothing says, "Let's get eaten by monsters!" like a song about enjoying quaint little seaside villages and falling in love with the cape.  When I got to the part about eating lobster stew, I giggled as I envisioned those aboard my imaginary ship becoming cape delicacies themselves.

Since I've been doing these pieces on sheet music and dictionary page, people occasionally ask how I'm doing them, so I figured I'd answer that here:

I start by free hand drawing the outer edges of my shapes.  And then I free hand paint in all the details.   I can't help it.  I -adore- detail!  There's something relaxing and freeing about concentrating on each spiral as the tentacles begin to take shape.  Though I do have to admit, after the first four hours of painting this one, I had to step away for a break because my eyes were crossing.

I half-heartedly ranted at my husband, "Why don't you stop me before I start these crazy detailed kinds of things?!?"  And he laughed, gave me a hug and said, "Honey, I couldn't stop you if I -tried-."

Well.. he does have a point (;

In case you were wondering, I have two favorite brushes.  One is size 0 and the other is 5/0 and both are angle spotters, and yes, I do the vast majority of my painting with one or the other of these.

As to paint  I adore using acrylic.  It dries faster than oil and has more control than watercolor (unless you really, REALLY thin it, in which case it works -exactly- like watercolor).  My preferred brand is Atelier Interactive Acrylics.

And in the end, I always love how taking the time to put in those details turns out.

This is my favorite painting that is still for sale.

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