Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day, A Then and Now Comparison

I came across my Mother's Day post from 2010, where my then preschooler answered a series of questions his teacher asked him about me.  It made me smile and so I asked if my youngest if he'd be willing to answer them now, three years later.

"All About My Mom", as answered by my now third grader for Mother's Day.

My mom has black hair.

My mom has brown eyes.

My mom weighs in the hundreds range.

My mom's favorite food is chili. (lol—Well, it still has hamburger in it.  Just in case you’re curious, my favorite food is actually Dragons Breath and Betty Crocker brownies—no nuts.)  *hint, hint*  (;

My mom's favorite song is hard to answer (He clarified, "Because I don’t know...You could give me a hint, Mom.")

My mom loves to sleep.  (His exact answer was “I’m betting that’s sleep!”)

I like when my mom hugs me.

I help my mom do chores like load the dishwasher and gather the trash.

My mom likes when I be good. (Truth!)

I love my mom because she’s my mom.

Then, out of further curiosity, I asked my oldest the same questions.  It’s hard to believe that boy is already 11!

My mom has black hair.

My mom has brown eyes.

My mom weighs—He emphatically answers, “I do NOT know.” (with the implication that he was NOT going to guess!)

My mom's favorite food is all sorts of things.

My mom's favorite song is—"You don’t have a favorite song.  You just don’t like boy bands or real old country."  (He's right on the first.  As to the second, I like folk songs and bluegrass.  I'm just not a big fan of most of the popular country that came out between 1950 and 1979.)

My mom loves to paint or draw.

I like when my mom hangs out with me.

I help my mom cook. (And he's getting good at it!)

My mom likes when I read and draw. (Truth!)

I love my mom because she’s …my …mom?

Just out of curiosity, I asked him what favorites I do have, he said, “Your family!  Plus you have a favorite artist—M. C. Escher.  And you have favorite book series!”  And then I told him my two favorite series: Anne McCaffrey’s "The Rowen" series (which I consider starts with her “To Ride Pegasus” and “Get Off The Unicorn”) and Piers Anthony’s “Incarnations of Immortality”.

He then quipped, “You’re my all time favorite Mom.  If I had another one, I’d toss her out on the street and tell her, “You’re not a good Mom! Go Away!”  We both laughed.  

It’s a good thing his Daddy and I are happily married (;

This year's favorite Mother's Day meme (that I couldn't resist sending to my own Mom)

Happy Mother's Day!

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