Thursday, May 2, 2013

"Surprise Me"! Even Mermaids Reach For The Stars

"Even Mermaids Reach For The Stars"

Prints and other merchandise available here.

For my second "Surprise Me" commission, I had the honor of creating a present for a young miss about to turn nine.

Wondering what a "Surpise Me" commission is?

The premise is simple-- You send me a check for an amount -I- don't know about until I open it, and I send you a piece of art that -you- don't know anything about until you receive it.

This is a brilliant idea my friend Pud came up with and I adore it for so many reasons!

First, it gives me complete and total artistic freedom.  There's no suggestions, no requests-- it's you trusting me to make something you're going to love for the amount that you send.

Second, it allows me to experiment.  Until I've decided what I'm making, there's no telling -what- it's going to be.  So I'm painting on different media and trying new things, which is all very exciting for me (:

And third, because so far, (albeit my sampling so far is small (lol)) I've had 100 % customer satisfaction!

And here is "Even Mermaids Reach For The Stars"

I did it on a sheet of Little Mermaid music (;  It's 5" x 7" acrylic.

But because it's a gift, I wanted it to be a finished piece, and I loved the idea of a mermaid in a shadow box, so that's -exactly- what I did.

 A little bit of flash really brings out some of the colors, but it's not really doing justice to how pretty the shade of green in the frame compliments the mermaid.

I have to admit, I was a bit worried about the glass and shipping, but it arrived today safe and sound.

My favorite part was when her Dad let me know it had arrived by saying,

"Got the package.

One word:


And I love the business cards!! So so cool!"

Now I'm excited because we'll know in just a couple of days how it goes over with the birthday girl!

As her parents said as they captured this moment:  "Her face says it all!"

Yea!!! (:

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