Saturday, July 20, 2013

Louise Nevelson and Scrumbly Orange: Kids + 1 = Fun

Today at Studio 116, we took a page from Louise Nevelson and recycled found objects into sculptures.  As well as painting the ceramics that were bisqued from last month.  A couple of young enthusiastic artists embraced and enjoyed sculpting and painting at Studio 116 for Kids + 1 = Fun (:

Painting their ceramic creations from last month:

Getting to watercolor their pinch pots.

We got to have discussions about why the clay was soft and gray when they shaped and hold the kiln changed them (:

Showing off her painted comet (:
Painting her people and their boat.  They're going on a fishing trip.
So 1.  I love the color she's made.  And 2. As she did she said, "It's a scrumbly orange that makes me happy!"

And here are their sculptures:

They made three.  We set them against the orange background to show them off and took pictures of them from different angles.

 And the artists with all 3 finished pieces:

All in all, they had a fantastic time at studio 116 today (:


  1. Can you answer these questions:
    /Favorite Louise Nevelson sculpture?
    /Is your artwork inspired by Nevelson?
    /what is inspiring about her work?
    /why do you think Nevelson composed her art in her manner?
    /Did Nevelson's life inspire her artwork?
    Please contact me

    1. Sure (: My favorite is her Senza titolo. No, my artwork isn't inspired by her, but this project we did with the young kids at Studio 116 was. Her taking recycled items, likely to be considered trash, and turning it into interesting fascinating sculptures is what inspired it. I think she composed her art in her manner because she had a need to create and express herself (like all artists) and it began with materials she didn't have to purchase and grew from there. Did her life inspire her work? Oh, I'm sure! How could a person's life not?


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