Thursday, March 7, 2013

Realizing the Dream: Equality for All

So my youngest son's homework this week is to create a poster to enter into the Law Day competition on the theme of "Realizing the Dream: Equality For All". 

...As anyone who knows me knows, I have a lot of really strong opinions on several ways to take this. But I want this to be HIS project, not him doing one of MY causes. 

So instead, I had him type in "Equality for All" in google and do a search for images and to choose an image that appealed to him

From there, I had him visit the page that the image was about: My 7 year old, of his own free will, has chosen to support the LGBT community as the theme for his Equality For All poster. When we discussed it, I explained that that means it is women who want to marry women and men who want to marry men. 

And he said, "Yup. Just like my Aunts!" And when I said yes, he said, "EVERYONE should have equal rights, Momma. This is the theme I want to do."

I am -SO- proud of this little boy!!

He likes flags, so I quickly drew this up for him and had him color it.

Then we printed out the theme title, cut it out, glued it down and finished out our words.
My boy with his finished poster:

And a close up on his finished poster for Law Day: